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Hudson Park Community Art Gallery

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Online Community Gallery

The Hudson Park Community values the artists in their neighborhood, and wanted to highlight their work during the Arts in the Parks event. With the program moving online this year, you will be able to peruse the work of the artists from Hudson Park here on our website. This gallery features the work of 7 artists from the Hudson Park Community and 6 students from the New School for the Arts and Academics.

Hudson Park Digital Festival
View Arts in the Parks Live Event
Wednesday, May 6, 6-8 p.m.

Tune in to see more artists from the community as they share live music, movement, drawing, and learn more about their art and their community.

Hudson Park Digital Art Gallery

Updated on 05/05/2020 5:10 PM

Work from artists in the Hudson Park neighborhood and NSAA students

Hudson Park Artists 

Daniel Mayer
Jan DeMars
Laurie Nessel
Maria Vassett
Matt Dickson
Ron Gasowski
Shelly White

New School for the Arts and Academics Student Gallery

Destiny Douglas
Eliasz Ostling
Hannah Larsen
Sofia Aguilar
Tristan Craig
Yuri Dvir

Julie Akerly, Arts Engagement Specialist
(480) 350-5175 

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