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Arts in the Parks FAQ

When will the event take place?
Arts in the Parks programs will take place in Spring 2019 during the evening on Wednesday or Friday, or during the daytime on Saturday or Sunday.

What will I be expected to do if my park is selected?
You will be encouraged to help share a survey with your community, promote the event, and encourage the involvement and participation of your neighbors. There will be at least one in-person community meeting to discuss the event and activities and collect feedback as well as a survey that will be sent out to the community surrounding the park.

Who can attend the event?
The event is intended for those who consider this their neighborhood park.  Community members will be able to bring their friends and family. Since this is a free, public event, people who do not live in the neighborhood can attend; however, the event should not be marketed or promoted citywide or regionally since most neighborhood parks are not built to accommodate large numbers of people.   Attendees will be encouraged to bike or walk to the event since typically there is minimal parking available in neighborhood parks.

Community members are encouraged to share the event on social media including neighborhood Facebook and Nextdoor pages (city pages will not be utilized for promotion). The City of Tempe will create all print and design materials including:

  • Postcards mailed out to the park’s community
  • Banners & yard signs that will be placed in the park before the event

Is this a City of Tempe event or my neighborhood’s event?
Arts in the Parks events are created with and for your community, but are City of Tempe events. Residents who live near selected parks will have the opportunity to provide input and discuss the type of art and programs they would like to take place during their event.

Why is this a City of Tempe event?
It is important that all Arts in the Parks events are properly insured and managed with safety in mind.  That is why the city will provide options for all vendors, equipment and other items needed to put on a great event. This makes it easy for community members to bring arts to their parks without taking on the associated risks and financial obligations for events this scale.

Can we invite our own additional artists and vendors, or set up other activities during the event?
No changes can be made to activities, vendors or set-up after the planning of the event has been completed. Residents will have the opportunity to make recommendations for artists, performers and activities through the survey process and during the public input meetings.

Will there be alcohol at this event? Can I bring my own?
Alcohol of any kind will not be permitted during Arts in the Parks events.

Can my community hold an event in our park without the city? 
Yes! Interested residents can organize and fund an event of their own at any time, but need to communicate with Special Events staff and follow the Special Events Guidelines.

The City of Tempe also has an Arts Festival Grant available to non-profit organizations every spring. Residents can partner or work with a non-profit organization to organize a park event and apply for the Arts Festival Grant:

City staff members are available to meet individually to assist with event planning, the permitting process and to help with the Arts Festival Grant application. 


Julie Akerly
Arts Engagement Specialist
(480) 350-5175

Maja Aurora
Director of Arts Engagement
(480) 350-5160


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