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Arts Festival Grants support festivals that celebrate a community, neighborhood, or shared cultural interest with arts and culture programming. Festivals are regularly occurring events that build community through positive arts and culture experiences. Projects that are funded by this grant are held in public spaces and are accessible to the public. This grant supports a commitment to advancing Tempe as a vibrant and progressive community for cultural and artistic activity, and aims to fulfill the following recommendations from the Arts and Culture Plan:

  • Support community festivals celebrating cultural diversity
  • Support communitywide festivals of the arts and creativity
  • Continue, expand and enhance informal arts programming provided in community settings

Arts Festival Grant Guidelines PDF


Grant Writing Support

It is recommend for all applicants to attend a one-on-one grant writing meeting where they will receive mentorship and support from staff.

Email to make an appointment.


Amount & Deadline

Up to $10,00 - requires equally matching cash contributions


May 13, 2019 at 5 p.m.


Online Application

View Guidelines PDF

What You'll Need
Narrative Questions
  • Mission Statement (200 words max)
  • Summary (150 words max) This section should give an overview of your project. The summary will be shared with City Council, and if funded will be in press releases, on social media, and on the Arts Grants website.  Write in a factual manner, in the third person, using complete sentences.
    • Who is involved in this project?
    • What activities will take place?
    • Where and when will the activities take place?
    • Why is the project important?
    • How will the project impact the community it serves?

  • Quality (750 words max) festivals offer multiple forms of participation for people with varied interests and aesthetic preferences. They provide rich sensory experiences, positive experiences amongst community members, and elicit diverse stories, images, and perspectives of multiple individuals or stakeholders.
    • What arts activities will take place during the festival?
    • Provide examples of artists you are planning to have at this festival, or examples of artists that have been involved in the past. How are these artists selected, and how do they support or enhance the focus of the festival?
    • How is participation inclusive to people with varied perspectives, experiences, and abilities?
    • How does this festival use the arts in a unique way to build a sense of community?
  • Community Impact (750 words max) creates inclusive and collective meaning that transcends individual perspective and experience, and affords attendees access to collective experience, engagement and/or reflection. There is a strong commitment to equitable practices by including artists, partners, community members, and stakeholders in the development and presentation of artistic work, and to intentionally serve the interests of their community.
    • How does this program support Tempe’s efforts to provide equitable, diverse, and inclusive programming?
    • Who will come to this festival, and how does the programming reflect their interests?
    • What kinds of experiences do you want participants to have during the festival, and how do those experiences connect to the desired goals and outcomes of the festival?
    • How will members of the community you intend to serve, artists, and partners be involved in the planning and implementation of this festival

  • Resourcefulness (500 words max) is the ability to find stakeholders and supporters, and draw on the core strengths of artists, partners, and participants on a budget that reflects a responsible and sustainable use of city funding. (In addition to the narrative, your “budget form” will also be evaluated in this section)
    • How does the project draw on the core strengths of artists, partners, and participants?
    • What experience does your organization and/or partners have executing programming of this size and scope?
    • How does this project demonstrate creativity in maximizing the resources available (financial, space, volunteers, in-kind, partnerships, etc.)?
  • Outcomes (500 words max) of programming align with program goals and have clear evaluation methods.  The applicant knows who they are trying to serve with their programming and have clear methods and strategies of achieving their goal.
    • Explain the relationship between the goals, planned activities and evaluation methods.
    • Discuss any information collected from stakeholders, participants, artists, staff and board members that are used to measure the impact of your programming.
  • Budget Explanation (300 words max): This is an area for you to go into further detail about your budget. You can use this space to describe any discrepancies, funding sources, or to break down payment structures for artists and contracted services.
2018-2019 Grant Recipients

African Fest USA
La Asociación de Peruanos en Arizona
ASU Center for Jewish Studies
Cultural Coalition


For full project descriptions
Download PDF

Final Report

Within 60 days of completing the project, a Final Report must be submitted.  The report will include the outcomes, actual budget and 3 professional quality images.  The grant recipient agrees to give the City of Tempe the rights to use any materials submitted in the Final Report for data collection and promotional purposes.

Final Report Form
Actual Budget Sheet
Audience Data Sheet


Maja Aurora,
Director of Arts Engagement
(480) 350-5160

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