Storefront Improvement Program

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Business owners in Tempe have a new option for assistance in improving the appearance of their buildings. It’s called the Storefront Improvement Program and it is the first citywide program of its kind in Arizona.

The program is designed to revitalize commercial buildings, support small businesses, reduce code violations and enhance the livability of neighborhoods by waiving fees, expediting city review of plans and providing matching funds in some cases. When businesses look better and more up-to-date from the outside, they bring in more customers and residents can take greater pride in their neighborhoods and perhaps feel motivated to improve their own properties.

Exterior improvements to businesses could include new or improved windows, doors, paint, signs, stucco, awnings, canopies, lights and ADA accessibility.

There are two versions of the program, depending on where the applicant businesses are located in Tempe:

If a business is in the Apache Boulevard Redevelopment Area or other potentially eligible area for federal block grants, they may be eligible for reimbursement of up to half of the project expenses. Properties that qualify may receive up to $100,000 total if they also pay an equal or greater matching amount.

Apache Boulevard Redevelopment Area Map

If a business is in any other area of the city – this applies to the majority of Tempe businesses – it may receive other types of valuable assistance. The city can provide faster review of these applicants’ submittals, as well as waivers of permit, plan and design review fees.

Please contact Robbie Aaron at 480-350-8096 or for additional information about the Storefront Improvement Program


Program Guidelines and Brochure

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