Light Rail Station Area Plans

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Making the most of Tempe's land and the proximity of light rail, Tempe planners have worked with the community to create plans for the area surrounding each light rail station.

The City of Tempe committed to serving alternative modes of transportation and adopted regulations in 2008 to promote walking and other non-auto oriented modes of transportation in areas served by light rail. When adopting the overlay district, City of Tempe officials recognized that the detail was lacking from the ordinance, including specifics such as appropriate land uses surrounding each station, and design and development guidelines to enhance the pedestrian environment and encourage transit ridership for the light rail transit system. The station area plans are to define other design standards determined necessary to achieve a specific character for an area and to provide that implementation assistance by providing planning and design guidance for public and private investment near light rail.

Key objectives include:
• Ensure a seamless fit between Tempe’s land use, transportation and neighborhood planning
• Utilize housing and economic development opportunities where opportunities fit with citywide goals and neighborhood objectives
• Nurture new development that supports transit ridership and helps create pedestrian friendly, safe environments around station areas
• Identify what public amenities and supportive infrastructure needed to make station areas exciting and attractive places
• Seek opportunities to integrate sustainable community solutions in Station Areas

Here are some station plan highlights:

McClintock Station

McClintock Station Area Plan

New mixed use residential development at McClintock Station area adds convenient services and restaurants for a growing neighborhood. Awnings, outdoor dining and shaded streets provide a comfortable walk from nearby residences to a drug store, dry cleaners or day care center.

Rural Rd/ASU Station

Creamery Plaza Area Plan

Conversion of the Creamery Branch rail to a linear park along 8th Street, encourages residents to walk or bike to the light rail station at Rural Rd/ASU Station.

Price/101 Station

Price-Esquer Park Station Area Plan

New interior streets such as this from Esquer Park to Apache Boulevard provide walkable neighborhood connections to the Price/101 Station light rail station. Shorter blocks and more connections make walking easier. Well lighted tree lined streets with wide sidewalks allow residents to feel safe and comfortable as they stroll through the neighborhood.

Smith Martin Station

Smith Station Area Plan

Smith Martin Station area integrates new mixed use residential and employment along the Apache corridor. Opportunities to bring jobs to the Apache corridor are highlighted in the plans.