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2017-18 Funded Grant Applications

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Neighborhood Association Project Description
Alameda Meadows NA + Palmcroft Manor NA Selleh Park various park equipment
Alta Mira NA + Alta Mirada HOA Goodwin Park shade structure and landscape plan
Alegre + Escalante + Victory Acres NA Street trees along River between Univ. and Apache
Broadmor NA Artistic irrigation standpipes
Camelot Village NA + Round Valley NA Stroud Park bike racks and backstop
Holdeman NA + Marilyn Ann NA Street trees along neighborhood streets
Hudson Manor NA Hudson Park recycle cans
Indian Bend NA Indian Bend Park shade trees
Jen Tilly NA Art in median at Spence and Bonarden
Maple Ash NA Artistic irrigation standpipe at 13th and Maple
Meyer Park NA Meyer Park various park equipment
Optimist NE + NW + SE + SW NA Optimist Park various park equipment
Papago Park View NA + Papago Parkway NA Hallman Park shade trees
Pepperwood NA neighborhood id sign  
Tempe South Mountain NA Neighborhood identification signs/traffic circle
University Park NA Artistic irrigation standpipes

Homeowners' Association Project Description
Alameda Park HOA Community area xeriscape conversion
Alisanos HOA Smart irrigation controllers
Broadway Townhomes HOA Arterial xeriscape conversion
Continental Villas East III HOA Interior xeriscape conversion
Knoell Gardens Villas HOA Community area LED lighting
Knoell Ville Monaco HOA Arterial xeriscape conversion