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Neighborhood Associations

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What is a Neighborhood Association?

A neighborhood association is a voluntary organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. Associations can form out of concern over a particular issue, or as a means of enhancing the "sense of community" in the neighborhood.

Features of a Neighborhood Association:

  • Membership is open to all residents in the neighborhood, but participation is optional; boundaries are established by the association (usually 40 - 400 households)
  • Dues are voluntary
  • There is no legal authority to enact or enforce maintenance or design requirements beyond those established by City ordinances
  • To ensure a visibly democratic process, the organization establishes formal or informal bylaws to provide for at least one general membership meeting per year and require an annual election of officers
  • Associations create their own newsletters (NO advertising or political campaigning), which the Neighborhood Services Division duplicates and mails to all households in the area
  • Association position statements are reached through consensus; any dissenting statements are also attached and sent to the City.

What is my Neighborhood Association?

Click here to view a map of all associations. If you would like to know whether you live within an active neighborhood association area, or would like information on how to form an association, please contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 480-350-8234 or