General Plan 2040

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Planning for Tempe's Sustainable Future


One generation plants trees, the next enjoys the shade. As with the Chinese proverb, through the General Plan process, the City of Tempe thinks to the next generations to ensure the city's sustainable growth, economic prosperity and continual progress.

The General Plan is the overarching policy document for the City of Tempe. It holds the community’s vision for the future and is an expression of how the community wants to grow and change over the next 30 years.  


Arizona state statutes require each city to adopt a comprehensive, long-range General Plan to guide the physical development of the community. The current General Plan 2040 is effective for up to ten years from the date the plan was adopted (December 2013) and ratified by voters (May 2014).


The City of Tempe General Plan 2040 was ratified by the voters, as follows:
Proposition 467  Total Votes: 13,260. YES: 7,433, NO: 5,827. 56% / 44%

 General Plan 2040
Effective June 3, 2014

Land Use Map

Density Map


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Projected Land Use


Projected Density