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Renting in Tempe

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The City of Tempe has several codes affecting rental property within the city. Landlord and tenant responsibilities may be different than in neighboring cities. Failure to comply with these codes may result in civil citations or criminal complaints.


One of the most common concerns is how many people can live together in a home. In Tempe's single family districts, the maximum number of unrelated people that can live together is three (3), regardless of the size of the home or number of bedrooms in the home.


  • No loud parties (Police Department jurisdiction 480-350-8311)
  • Must comply with The Nuisance and Property Enhancement Code. For example tenants need to park only in designated parking areas, do not leave trash and debris in yard and clean up after pets.
  • Must comply with Tempe's Alarm Ordinance by registering any new or existing residential alarms through the Alarm Program (jurisdiction of the Police Department 480-350-8778).