Neighborhood Data Access

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Program summary:

The Code Compliance Division has a wealth of information that can be utilized to inform residents of situations they face in their own neighborhoods. By revealing data in an impactful way, the Code Compliance team may be able to assist residents in  avoiding violations and bring awareness to problems that residents might otherwise not have recognized. The Residential Data Access Program allows a representative from a Homeowners Association or Neighborhood Association to receive specific information annually regarding the properties in their neighborhood and utilize the information to address larger issues in the area.

Program Benefits:

This program will provide single-family residential communities access to Code Compliance’s data. By providing a personalized report to specific association’s properties, we allow groups to evaluate their own standards and help their residents avoid penalties. It will also help to increase the overall awareness of specific Code problems Code Compliance Staff must face. This program will not only help make the residents aware of what Code Compliance is enforcing but also helps residents understand how to better prevent violations.