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Education Programs

Code Compliance Violation Map

  • The Code Compliance Division is introducing the Tempe Code Compliance Violation Map.  This is another educational tool that provides greater transparency of our case statuses and violation information for our residents.

Neighborhood Data Access

  • This program provides single-family residential communities access to Code Compliance data. This program offers a personalized report for neighborhood representatives to evaluate their violation information and educate their residents regarding Code Compliance issues.

Resident Guidance

  • This program provides residents the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the Code compliance Manager or in small groups.  This program offers each resident the opportunity to learn more about the code compliance process and how to identify and appropriately submit violations.

Open M.I.N.D.

  • This program is an Open “Matrix of Information, Networks and Directories.” This is a pre-determined guidance based tool which breaks down City Code and identifies which Codes apply to residents, tenants and businesses. Open “MIND” also identifies Code Compliance programs available based on information selected by the user and also provides common examples of the violations identified.

Code Compliance Resource Guide

  • This guide provides an educational and informational tool for Tempe residents and businesses that can be used as a quick point of reference for programs and organizations that offer assistance. This guide provides an easy to read list of contacts and a brief summary of what each contact is utilized for.

 Project K.E.E.P.

  • This program will establish a joint enforcement effort between the Code Compliance Division and Tempe residents by allowing residents to participate in a quick online survey presented by the Code Compliance Division.

  Issue Awareness Postcard Program

  • By utilizing several analytical techniques, Code Compliance is able to identify areas of high violation density. The selected areas will then receive postcards bringing awareness to residents about common code violations on private property.

Assistance Programs

Landscape Referral Program

  • The Tempe Landscape Referral Program is provided to residents as an assistance option for landscape maintenance. The City is currently contracted with two (2) landscape companies to provide discounted prices for this program. 

Graffiti Referral

  • The City of Tempe has negotiated a flat rate with a licensed, bonded and insured removal service. As part of an annual contract, Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. will inspect and document the property for graffiti every two weeks, blending paint to match colors, and will cover any graffiti that is there.

 Tempe Tool Box

  • Tempe's tool box program will lend landscaping tools and painting supplies to Tempe residents, neighborhood groups, or other qualified organizations to aid in the maintenance of properties in Tempe.


  • The H.E.A.R.T. program (Helping Enhance and Revitalize Tempe) allows city employees to refer residents to trained professionals, like Care 7, who are able to assist in addressing financial or physical needs.

Storefront Improvement

  • Business owners in Tempe have a new option for assistance in improving the appearance of their buildings. It’s called the Storefront Improvement Program and it is the first citywide program of its kind in Arizona. The program is designed to revitalize commercial buildings, support small businesses, reduce code violations and enhance the livability of neighborhoods by waiving fees, expediting city review of plans and providing matching funds in some cases

 Exterior Home Painting

  • Residents who want the exterior of their home painted can receive a free consultation and estimate from a City of Tempe-qualified company at a discounted rate.

 Decomposed Granite Installation

  • Residents who want to install decomposed granite in their front yard landscape areas may receive discounted rates with a City of Tempe qualified vendor. This company will prepare the yard for installation and lay down the granite.