Voluntary Abatement Program

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The voluntary abatement program allows residents or businesses within the city to give Code Compliance the authority to abate violations of the City Code on the owner’s property.

Program Blueprint

  • The program gives the City of Tempe Code Enforcement Division authority to abate code violations;
  • The expenses of the project will be recorded and collected as a lien against the property;
  • In addition to the actual cost of abatement, the cost of recording liens and releases will be charged.  The      recorded lien may bear interest at the legal rate for judgments in the State of Arizona;
  • The owner agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Tempe from and against all alleged  damage and liability claims not caused by the gross negligence of the City;
  • This authorization is deemed continuing until written notice is given to the City of Tempe Neighborhood     Enhancement canceling this agreement.


Program Benefits

This program is utilized to expedite the abatement process for properties that will not come into compliance.  Both the owner of the property and the Code Compliance staff benefit from the abatement. There is no need to involve a court hearing, police, and in doing so reduces the time for the violation to exist. This program helps the City by removing the number of inspections necessary to fulfill the full length of an abatement process, and remove steps that would otherwise take time and money to accomplish.