Tempe Landscape Referral Program

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The City of Tempe has negotiated rates with two landscaping companies. Residents can utilize these negotiated rates to their advantage to keep their yards looking nice and staying in compliance with the City Code. Rates vary depending on the size of a yard and whether it is grass or desert landscaping, but prices start as low as $35 a month. These rates are generally lower than what most people could get independently due to the quantity of work anticipated by the landscapers.

Program Blueprint

  • The two contracted companies are: Artistic Land Management Inc. and Somerset Landscape Maintenance;
  • The participating landscape companies are not employed by, or providing services on behalf of the City;
  • Each company is an independent contractor that has agreed to perform certain landscape services for Tempe residents at a negotiated rate;
  • The City of Tempe is not party to any contract between the resident and the participating landscape company and will not be responsible for resolving any issues.;

Program Benefits

This program greatly benefits resident who are seeking assistance in maintaining their landscapes, both to keep yards beautiful and also to keep them in compliance with City Code. Residents that desire to take advantage of these rates must contact the landscaping company of their choice directly. Residents should request the Tempe Landscape Referral rate. Residents who utilize this service have the means to lock in a lower rate than would normally be offered them due to the City’s contract. The Code Compliance Division also benefits from this service because this program allows staff to assist residents who have been given a violation and are unable to do the work necessary to be compliant on their own.