HEART Program

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Although the City of Tempe pushes for a beautiful community, the City recognizes that some residents may need assistance with the upkeep of their properties. Often times, Code Compliance staff learn directly from residents about hardships (family deaths, illnesses or accessibility/aging issues) that are making it difficult for them to maintain their properties. The H.E.A.R.T. program allows city employees to refer residents to trained professionals who are able to assist in addressing these immediate needs.

Program Blueprint

  • A resident must first notify a City of Tempe employee of the possible need for assistance;
  • The city employee will provide the resident a HEART brochure which contains the direct contact information for Care 7;
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to make the initial call to Care 7 requesting an assessment for qualification;
  • Care 7 will meet with the resident, determine their needs and offer a referral to an agency that can provide help, such as Neighbors Helping Neighbors*, Tempe Community Council, Tempe Community Action Agency, the city's Social Services division and more;
  • Care 7 will follow up with the resident to ensure help was delivered.

Program Benefits

This program benefits residents who are facing hardships and due to these difficulties are unable to get their properties in compliance with City Code. This program helps establish a solution for those who are unintentionally out of compliance with the City Code but are unable to resolve the issue. This program also allows Code Compliance staff to assist these residents in understanding there are groups and agencies out there able to help.

For more information, call Care 7 at 480-350-8004