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 Size Specifications

 Additional Requirements


 Any address; development, properties or sites with perimeter walls shall have the address number visible on the outside of the wall. Addresses shall be visible from public access.   Addresses shall be at least four (4) inches in height and have a color contrast with the background color of at least fifty percent (50%). Shall be self-illuminated or located eighteen (18) to thirty-six (36) inches below a light fixture. One (1) and two (2) family dwellings shall provide four (4) inch address numbers on the front elevation and on the rear elevations when abutting an alley. All numbers and letters shall be illuminated from dusk to dawn, except for one (1) or (2) family dwellings, rear addresses, alley gates, curbside mailboxes, or a commercial/industrial rear door suite. The height, quantity, size, location, color and material of address letters and numbers on buildings, signs and directories shall be as required by the Community Development Director, designee, or through a Development Plan Review. 


 Any sign with a directory on properties occupied by three (3) or more buildings, which is not a  sign type C.  Shall not exceed six (6) feet in height or twenty-four (24) square feet in area.  Shall have an internally illuminated directory showing street address, viewer location and unit designations within the complex. Directories shall be sufficient in number and located to ensure law enforcement/emergency personnel can easily locate an address or unit.