The Humana Rock 'n' Roll marathon is coming to Tempe this weekend - find street restrictions here.

Temporary / Portable

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 Size Specifications

 Additional Requirements


 Any sign in the right-of-way.  Must Comply with state law requirements.  No signs are allowed in Right-of-way, except as authorized by state law, including seventy-five (75) days prior to an election and fifteen (15) days after.


 Any portable sign that is located within a single-family residential district, except for a sign type N or R.  Signage on property shall not exceed a total of sixteen (16) square feet in area and any individual sign shall not exceed four (4) feet in height. Along a non-arterial street, any individual sign shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area.   Only allowed on property with owner's permission, shall conform to the street requirements 4-702.G.1, A-Frames are not permitted.


 Any portable sign on a property with a vacancy at the following: home, business, parcel or undeveloped land, that is not a sign type L.  Shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height or six (6) square feet in area.   Only one (1) sign per street frontage, per lot.