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 Size Specifications

 Additional Requirements


 Any sign located on a site that has been issued a building permit for construction is immediately deemed a sign type J, and overrules any other sign type classification.  A sign type J must be attached to a temporary construction fence; shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height.  Allowed only during time of building permit issuance until final certificate of occupancy, shall require a permit to occupy or encroach on public property/easements, and shall remain neat/orderly.


 Any banner, pennant, wind-driven spinners, streamers, balloons, or inflatable signs are immediately deemed a sign type K and overrules any other applicable sign type, except for sign type J.

 Requires a permit, specific permits distinguish different size specifications per location/district

 All new businesses are allowed one (1) sign type K one time only for a thirty (30) day period, all other businesses are allowed twenty-one (21) cumulative days per six (6) month period in a calendar year.


 Any sign located on an undeveloped property prior to the issuance of a building permit.   Shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height and shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in area.  Only one (1) sign per street frontage allowed. May be maintained for twelve (12) months and must be removed upon receipt of certificate of occupancy.


 Any sign in or on a window within commercial, industrial or mixed-use districts are classified as a sign type M.  Shall be limited to twenty-five percent (25%) of the window's total area.  Glass doors are considered windows, requirements may be modified by Community Development for security or crime prevention reasons, shall not be placed above the ground floor of the building without Development Plan approval.


 Any sign in the right-of-way  Must Comply with state law requirements.  No signs are allowed in Right-of-way, except as authorized by state law, including seventy-five (75) days prior to an election and fifteen (15) days after.


 Any portable sign within three (3) feet of a building or outdoor approved patio on commercial/industrial or mixed-use property, except for a sign type N or R.  Shall not exceed five (5) feet in height or eight (8) square feet in area. A-frames shall not exceed four (4) feet in height.  Only one (1) sign type Q per tenant suite frontage; must allow for the minimum clearance width required by code for pedestrian pathway and as required by ADA. A-frames and upright signs are only allowed between 6AM and 9PM.


 Any portable sign on a property with a vacancy at the following: home, business, parcel or undeveloped land, that is not a sign type L.  Shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height or six (6) square feet in area.   Only one (1) sign per street frontage, per lot.