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Alameda Character Area Plan

Alameda Character Area Plan  |  Placemaking Principles + Design Guidelines

The 2015 Alameda Community Placemaking public series which included area residents, students, stakeholders, and the business community has led to the creation of the Alameda Principles contained in this Character Area Plan.

Tempe City Council adopted this plan [Resolution No. R2016.xx] to further the goals and objectives of the Tempe General Plan 2040, Land Use and Development Chapter, Community Design Element, Character Area Planning Section; and to provide an enhanced policy framework to guide area planning processes and land use decisions throughout the Alameda area. It is intended to be used by the following audiences to guide the vision, design, development, preservation, plan review, and public feedback processes:

Area Stakeholders (Residents, Schools, Students, Non-profit Agencies, etc.)

Tempe City Council / Boards + Commissions / City Staff

Business representatives

The design and development community

By way of summary, the following elements serve as a framework to the Alameda Character Area Plan - Placemaking Principles + Design Guidelines:

•Preservation of Alameda’s core, Mid-Century, Post-War neighborhoods is the central Placemaking and Planning goal to balance future growth. Transitions between single-family and multi-family / mixed-use areas must be thoughtfully conceived and well-designed.

•Livability comes down to being able to age in place, which means designing communities with places for all ages.

•The role of shaded streets + alleyways as open space is essential to improve connectivity, bikeability, and walkability along Alameda’s main corridors, neighborhood collector streets, parks, schools, and commercial corners.

•Activating commercial corners [especially along Broadway Road and Southern Avenue] as vibrant neighborhood destinations is vital to the economic success and ultimately the quality of life throughout the Alameda Character Area.

Resolution No. R2016.03 amending Tempe General Plan 2040
Adopted by Tempe City Council Jan. 14, 2016


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Historic Date Palm Manor, Broadmor, Shalimar, McClintock, Alameda Meadows, Rural / Geneva, Meyer Park, Hughes Acres, Evergreen, Broadway Palms, MACH 8, Brentwood Cavalier, Alameda Campus, McClintock Manor, Cyprus Southwest, Hollis Park, Tempe Palms, Superstition, Tempe Gardens, Kyrene Superstition, Southern Palms 


Broadmor Place, Broadmor II, Alameda Estates, Alameda Park, Villa Patrician, La Sombra, Brentview, Springtree, Joshua Square, Broadway Terrace, Premier Condominiums, Chesapeake, Broadway Townhomes, Presidential Estates, Colonia del Sur, Colonia del Sur III, Shalimar East, Village at Shalimar, Southern Village Estates, Laguna Estates, Mistwood, Tempe Gardens Townhomes, Puerta del Sol, Park Riveria Townhouse, Hudson Trace




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