Permit Issuance Process

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To apply for any type of building permit, you will need the comply with requirements stated on the project submittal checklist (plan check submittal checklist). You will also need to complete a project submittal application, and pay a plan check fee to the Development Services Center for formal plan check. The project submittal(s) will be verified as to the correct address, legal description and parcel number for each building. These plans will be reviewed to determine compliance with the building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and fire codes and civil engineering retention and right-of-way requirements. Noncomplying code-related items discovered during the plan check process are relayed in writing to the applicant for correction and resubmittal. Turn-around times will vary according to the type of project and the current workload. (Please note that some projects may be eligible for an over the counter permit.)

Once resubmittals are reviewed to verify that the necessary corrections have been made and required approvals are received, construction permits can be issued. A Development Services Specialist will call you and advise you of the fees due at the time of issuance. All outstanding private development-related fees will also be collected at this time. An Affidavit of Contractor will be required at time of issuance.

Issued permits are subject to expiration if work is not commenced within 1 year or if work is suspended for 1 year after work is commenced. If your permit is subject to expiration, you will receive a letter with the requirements for renewal. If a renewal request has not been received within one year, a new permit and permit fee will be required. You will be notified of the status of your renewal request.

For details on the process pertaining to your specific project, please contact us at 480 350-8341, Option 1. 

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