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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is a permit required for a storage shed? A building permit is not required for any "one-story detached accessory buildings used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the projected roof area does not exceed 200 square feet," per Section 104.2.1(c) of the 2012 Tempe Building Safety Administration Code.

    However, any such accessory building is required to be located a minimum 3 feet from property lines. If the building is 8' or more in height, the minimum distance to property lines would be 7'.  Section 3-401(c) of the Zone and Development Code.

    All detached accessory buildings shall be located in the rear half of the lot.

  2. If I add height to my fence, do I need a permit? A building permit is required for fences over 7'. If your fence will be over 7' when finished, you will need to obtain a building permit before you commence the work, per Section 104.2.1 (d) of the 2012 Tempe Building Safety Administrative Code.

  3. What are the pool fencing requirements? A swimming pool must be secured with a perimeter fence at least 5' in height and all gates equipped with self-closing, self-latching hardware. The fence must be configured to prohibit a 4" sphere from passing through or under the fence. A fence between the house and the pool is not required.  (3109.4.1 of the 2012 International Building Code amended) and prohibit a 2" sphere from passing under the fence.

  4. What earthquake zone is used? B.

  5. What wind zone is used?  Exposure C, 105 MPH 3 - second gust.

  6. How does the city calculate parking requirements? Parking is based upon building square footage and use. A parking table is available in the Zoning and Development Code, Part 4; Chapter 6 Development Standards, to facilitate customers determining required parking.

  7. If I have a special inspector on my project, do I need inspections from Building Safety? Yes, inspections from Building Safety are always required. Inspections by a special inspector are in addition to Building Safety inspections, not in lieu of them. Section 1704.2 of the 2012 International Building Code.