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2020 U.S. Census

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Keep Counting Tempe

The 2020 US Census is ongoing.  When you take part in the 2020 Census / el Censo 2020, Tempe can get its fair share of federal tax dollars that support many important community programs such as education, transportation, housing and community development.  How you can take part in the Census PDF / Cómo puede tomar parte en el censo PDF

Current Issues

Census Response Rate Map

Tempe lies within 47 census tracts, some of which are shared with surrounding cities. If you would like to see how many households are responding within your census tract, go to

Census Takers Begin In-person Interviews on August 11 

If you have not responded to the 2020 Census, beginning August 11 census takers will be conducting in-person interviews to get information about your household.  There is still time to self-respond if you prefer not to have someone come to your door.  Down load our flyer How You Can Take Part in the Census PDF /
Cómo Puede Tomar Parte en el Censo PDF.

Here are the ways to self-respond: in English and 13 other languages.

By phone: census takers can help you in English and 13 other languages.

Mail in: Fill out your paper questionnaire.  If you need help, consult one of the video guides in English and 59 other languages that will take you through the English-language form.

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Students temporarily displaced and others in group quarters - where do they count?

  • College students living in on-campus housing are counted through their university as part of our Group Quarters Operation, which counts all students living in university owned housing. In addition to college dormitories, the Group Quarters Operation also includes places like nursing homes, group homes, halfway houses and prisons. 
  • Per the Census Bureau’s residence criteria, in most cases students living away from home at school should be counted at school, even if they are temporarily elsewhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Click here to read more about how the Census is handling counting group quarters.

Take the Census Online

Go to the questionnaire; the census is in 13 languages:

There are English and 59 languages video guides to help with the English online form:

English: Video Guide to Completing the 2020 Census Online

Español/Spanish: Guía en Video para Completar el Censo del 2020 por Internet

American Sign Language

Take the Census by phone - use a language line

There are census taker who can help you fill out your form in English and 13 languages. Here are the phone numbers to call toll-free:

  • English 844-330-2020
  • Spanish 844-468-2020
  • Arabic 844-416-2020
  • Chinese (Cantonese) 844-398-2020
  • Chinese (Mandarin) 844-391-2020
  • French 844-494-2020
  • Haitian Creole 844-477-2020
  • Japanese 844-460-2020
  • Korean 844-392-2020
  • Polish 844-479-2020
  • Portuguese 844-474-2020
  • Russian 844-417-2020
  • Tagalog 844-478-2020
  • Vietnamese 844-461-2020
  • English (Puerto Rico residents) 844-418-2020S
  • Spanish (Puerto Rico residents) 844-426-2020
  • Telephone Display Device (TDD) 844-467-2020

Take the Census in paper form

See an informational copy of the paper questionnaire:  

English census questionnaire sample PDF

Muestra de cuestionario informativo del censo PDF

Get help by language guides and video:

There are English and 59 languages print guides to show you on how to fill out the English-language paper questionnaire. The guides include large print PDF and Braille.

Other important information

Count everyone living in your household:

Check the residence criteria to help you decide.

Kids count, too! ¡A los niños también!

 Census Coloring Map English  Census Coloring Map Spanish

Kids count on your U.S. Census form. Count them in to help Arizona receive federal dollars of the next 10 years. Download a fun Census coloring sheet for kids PDF.

Los niños cuentan en el censo federal. Cuéntalos para ayudar a que Arizona receiba fondos federales durante los próximos 10 años. Descargue una divertida hoja para colorear Censo para niños PDF.

The Census is Confidential

By law, your information is confidential. Your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court. The law is found in Title 13 of the U.S. Code. Anyone who violates this law faces severe penalties.

Confidentiality: The 2020 Census & Data Stewardship PDF

Por ley su información es confidencial. Sus respuestas no pueden ser usadas en su contra por ninguna agencia gubernamental o tribunal. La ley está en el Título 13 del Código de E.E. U.U. Cualquiera que viola esta ley enfrenta castigos severos. 

Confidencialidad: El Censo del 2020 y Administración de Datos PDF

Census Business & Community Partners in Tempe

Partner up with us. Help create awareness in Tempe of the importance of the Census to your employees and customers/clients.

Census in Schools and Education

Learn what local schools are doing to make their students and families aware of the census. Remember to include kids on your census questionnaire. Kids Count, Too!

Tempe Elementary School District (TD3)

Census Jobs

Census job fairs are happening now.  Get information about jobs offered by the US Census Bureau.  The Census has full-time and many part-time jobs that will work with your schedule.

Tempe’s 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

The City of Tempe is gearing up to count all residents in the 2020 U.S. Census with the guidance of trusted voices in the community who are serving on the Complete Count Committee.

Census Calendar

Complete Count Committee meetings and a list of local events so you can talk to city staff about the Census.

Census Quick Links

Look for information about the Census on these links.