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Average Residential Household Cost Comparison

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Each year the Municipal Budget Office performs an analysis of the estimated annual amounts paid by the median residential Tempe household for direct services provided by the City of Tempe as well as the estimated total annual amount paid in City of Tempe property and transaction privilege (sales) taxes.  These amounts are then compared to the estimated annual amounts paid by the same median residential household in seven comparison cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The analysis assumed the same household consumption amounts for all cities for both water and wastewater services.  However, for property tax purposes, we utilized the median single family home value in each respective city in the analysis.  The sales tax amounts are based on the Phoenix metropolitan area median household income.  As such, this analysis is intended to reflect what the median residential household would pay for each of the services or pay in taxes in their respective city.  

City of Tempe's Annual Cost of Services Reports

2019 (PDF)

2018 (PDF)

2017 (PDF)

2016 (PDF)

2015 (PDF)

2014 (PDF)