Jury Duty

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Tempe Municipal Court
140 East Fifth Street
Tempe, AZ 85281

Juror Hotline: (480) 350-8446

Criminal Court: (480) 350-8270


Tempe Court Simplifies Jury Duty Summons Process:

The Tempe Municipal Court has changed the way it summons residents for jury duty. Residents are now summoned for jury duty on a specific date. Prospective jurors will only have to contact the court once to see if their services are needed.

Formerly, residents would receive a summons from Superior Court, followed by a second summons with the expected week of service and a requirement to call the Municipal Court as many as three times during that given week.

Under new "one day, one jury" provisions if residents are not selected to serve on a jury, their service is complete. If selected, they serve on one jury. In both instances, a juror will not be called again to serve on a Municipal Court jury for a minimum of 18 months.

What to Do If You Receive a Juror Summons:

If you have been summoned to appear for jury service at the Tempe Municipal Court, please call the Juror Information HOTLINE at (480) 350-8446 after 3:00 p.m. the afternoon prior to the date listed on your summons. This is a direct number to an updated recording that will verify if you will be required to appear, please listen to the recording and follow any instructions given. If you are required to appear for jury service, the recording will indicate the time you should appear.

Rescheduling Jury Service: If you need to reschedule your jury service date or you are no longer a City of Tempe Resident you will need to contact the Maricopa County Jury Commission at (602) 372-5879 (JURY). The Tempe Municipal Court cannot reschedule your service date. 

The Tempe Municipal Court does not tolerate discrimination in any form against persons with disabilities and intends to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In order to better serve your needs, please notify the Court at (480) 350-2894 PRIOR to your report date of any services that you may require and accommodations will be provided.

If you wish to take the bus for jury duty, please contact the court at (480) 350-8270 and you will be provided a bus pass to and from Court. 

Coffee and water are available for your convenience.  A lunch break will be provided and there are several restaurants within walking distance.  There is access to a vending machine in the Court building.  Please feel free to bring lunch or snack items with you.

Tempe Municipal Court appreciates your participation in the jury process.