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City of Tempe Campaign Finance eFiling System

Click here to search Campaign Finance filings for the City's 2016 Elections and laterIndependent Expenditure Reports are listed below.

2018 Campaign Finance Reporting Periods**

      Name of Report                        Time Period Covered                Report Due Between       

      3rd Quarter Report                   July 1, 2018-Sept. 30, 2018          Oct. 1, 2018-Oct. 15, 2018

      Nov. Pre-Election Report        Oct. 1, 2018-Oct. 20, 2018            Oct. 21, 2018-Oct. 27, 2018

      4th Quarter Report                  Oct. 21, 2018-Dec. 31, 2018           Jan. 1, 2019-Jan. 15, 2019

 **All PACs are required to file these reports.

On Nov. 12, 2015, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. O2015.50 PDF, moving the City to electronic campaign finance reporting and filing. Filing deadlines are 11:59 p.m. on the filing date, instead of 5:00 p.m. in person at the City Clerk’s Office.  Click here to access the eFiling System.   See below for eFiling System User Guides.

Independent Expenditure/Ballot Measure Expenditure form PDF

Filed Independent Expenditure/Ballot Measure Expenditure forms

Campaign Finance eFiling System - User Guides

For assistance, contact the City Clerk’s Office at or 480-350-4311.