Neighborhood Advisory Commission

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The Neighborhood Advisory Commission proposes and makes recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council and assists City departments on specific programs designed to build upon neighborhood opportunities and strengths, as well as to prevent the decline and deterioration of neighborhoods by recognizing and supporting the aspirations of residents and their neighborhood.  (City Code, Chapter 2, Article V, Division 14)

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Commission Scope and Duties

The Neighborhood Advisory Commission:

  • organizes and appoints members of the Commission to serve on standing committees as the need arises;
  • reviews projects and concepts developed or proposed by the Neighborhood Program Office staff, the Neighborhood Advisory Commission and citizens;
  • advises the Mayor and the City Council and assists City departments on ways in which information on neighborhood topics can be gathered and disseminated, such as conducting surveys and studies, convening forums, seminars and workshops, and sponsoring special event and award recognition; and,
  • receives, accepts and acquires by gift, bequest or devise real and personal property of every kind, nature and description in the name of the City for neighborhood purposes, subject to approval and final action by the City Council.
Commission Composition

The Neighborhood Advisory Commission is composed of 15 members.  Members are appointed proportionately to the geographic distribution of population by zip codes, subject to change as population shifts occur.  Each member of the Commission must have been a resident of Tempe for at least one year prior to the appointment.  Terms are for three years.  

Commission Meetings

Neighborhood Advisory Commission meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m., in the third floor executive conference room at City Hall, 31 E. Fifth St., Tempe. 

Agendas and Minutes

To view the agendas for upcoming meetings, please see below.  To view agendas and minutes from past meetings, select "All Past".