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We love our local businesses and during this crisis, they need us now.

Let’s come together to support them so they can stay afloat through the tough times.
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How to Help Your Local Businesses:

  • Buy a gift card.
  • Get take-out from a favorite Tempe restaurant. Tempe Tourism has a great list. 

  • Buy a support voucher through MyHownd. Support vouchers are similar to digital gift cards. MyHownd can help you buy something now, even if a business is temporarily closed, and use it later. Take a look at the current offers available.  Gift it to a friend or keep it for yourself. Best of all, you'll be helping to keep our businesses afloat during these difficult times. For the latest list of offers visit  You can also download the app. 

  • Have a local latte.
  • Use the OpenTempe app to find a business to try.

  • Buy a dozen donuts or visit a bakery.

  • Shop Tempe retailers online – don’t forget your local artists.  

  • Tip a waiter or barista through Venmo

  • Give your favorite places social media shout outs. It will help them find new customers and remind people that they are open and ready for business.

  • Check our Made in Tempe list for companies that manufacture local products, like cheese, coffee, spirits and more. 

Let’s do what we can to help our favorite places now so we can enjoy spending time with them later.