Presenter in front of children. 

Tempe is dedicated to helping our youngest residents develop water consciousness. Each year, Tempe partners with Abracadabra to provide interactive and engaging presentations on water conservation and science to students in K-5 grades at elementary schools within the city. 

2016-2017 School Outreach Numbers for "The Curious Lives of Water-Saving Pets" Presentations

7334 kids from 16 Tempe Schools, 12 Kid Zones, and 3 Boys & Girls Clubs.

The Abracadabra program has been developed in accordance with state curriculum guidelines for reading, math, science, and geography. Each student and teacher who attends will receive a student booklet with educational activities for different skill levels. Every year, the show and the activity book are newly developed based on different water conservation concepts and revolving around a new theme.


The 2017-2018 Theme is The Adventures of the Water Warriors.


During the show, “Vapor” – the water warrior – will use magical illusions, comedy, and audience participation to teach students and teachers about the importance of water conservation, the water cycle, and local water sources.

Each Tempe school may schedule one or two presentations, each with an audience minimum of 50 and maximum of 250 students. A 15-minute break is required if booking more than one show. The presenter will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the first show is set up and will need a clear space approximately 10 feet wide and six feet deep to arrange props and posters. No podiums please. There are a limited number of shows available (approximately 44 per year), and they are booked in the order they are received.