Energy Efficient LED Streetlights

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Installation Schedule

Fall 2017: Portion of city south of Guadalupe Road

November 2017: Guadalupe to Baseline between Price and McClintock

In summer 2016, Tempe began installing 4,000 LED streetlights in neighborhoods throughout the city, replacing high-pressure sodium lights with the new energy-efficient fixtures. Residents were invited to an open house to learn more about the street lights and see a demonstration on June 8, 2016.

2016 PowerPoint presentation to the City Council about LED Streetlights

By converting 4,000 high-pressure sodium lights to LED, Tempe expects to realize the following: 

  • approximately $80,000  savings in energy costs each year;
  • reduced maintenance costs of approximately 90 percent;
  • reduced energy use of 1,844,512 kwh annually; and
  • reduced carbon emissions of 1,296 metric tons each year – equivalent to removing 274 cars from the road.

The LED conversion began in July 2016 and will take place over the next four years, adding to approximately 2,000 energy-efficient induction lights installed in Tempe neighborhoods between 2009 and 2014. When the LED installation is complete, all residential areas in Tempe will have energy-efficient streetlights.

Unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals like mercury.  They have an approximate life of almost 100,000 hours, well beyond the life of the high-pressure sodium lamps they will replace.

The new energy-efficient lights, both LED and induction, produce a crisper, white light compared to the yellow cast of traditional sodium lights, providing greater visibility for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. The new lights are compliant with International Dark Sky Association guidelines, as the fixtures direct light downward, eliminating most of the uplight. They have about half the wattage of the existing lights and produce less reflective glare.

 Comment online here about the LED streetlights. Request a street light form.