Education, Families & Youth Development

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The City of Tempe encourages both formal education programs and those that are community-based.

College Connect


2017FINAL CollegeConnectLogo

The City of Tempe and a host of partners from the education and nonprofit community worked to inspire and enable students and community members to pursue post-secondary opportunities by providing free access to resources, financial guidance and support. College Connect provides one-on-one guidance and workshops on a variety of topics including:

· Applying to College

· Career Exploration

· Financial Aid Assistance

· Scholarships

Education Roadmap

EducationRoadmapTempe Education Partnership has created a spirit of collaboration among school administrators and our city. Our schools are the centers of our community and together with the city we support parent engagement and provide wraparound services to children and families. Click here to view the City of Tempe's Education Coordinator's Education Roadmap.




Experience Corps

ExperienceCorpsPicThe City of Tempe’s AARP Experience Corps is a local affiliate of the national AARP Experience Corps.  The Experience Corps is an early literacy skills tutoring program that supports struggling students in Kindergarten through Third Grade.  Approximately 500 students receive tutoring services  from 85 volunteers each year. The City of Tempe is proud to be in it’s 10th year of offering the AARP Experience Corps

Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission

MYACPicEstablished in 1980, The Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC) consists of  18-24 members in 8th—12th grade. MYAC addresses problems youth often face such as teen violence, pregnancy, substance abuse, depression, and lack of recreational opportunities The Commission reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.

My Brother's Keeper

In February 2014, President Obama launched the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color and ensure that all young people can reach their full potential. Our goals as an “MBK Community” are to ensure that:

Pillar 1 - All of our children enter school cognitively, physically, social, and emotionally prepared.

Pillar 2 - All of our children read at grade level by third grade

Pillar 3—All of our young people are safe from violent crime and are receiving the second chances they deserve

Click here to view the City of Tempe's MBK Local Action Plan:

Tempe MBK Local Action Plan 12.2017

Read On Tempe

ReadOnLogo Tempe RGBA collaborative effort to improve reading achievement in our city – particularly with our most vulnerable children. Our vision is that all children will have access to quality early literacy experiences and environments. We are achieving our vision through multi-strategy approaches that focus on school readiness, early grade success, family engagement, professional development, chronic absence and summer learning loss.


Tempe PRE

TEMPE PRE COLORThe City of Tempe is leading the way for cities in Arizona and across the Nation, by partnering with local school districts to  improve kindergarten readiness and long-term school success for Tempe children while also helping provide support to working families in becoming more economically independent.

There are currently 13 classrooms within the Tempe Elementary School District at the following schools:

  • Aguilar (1)
  • Arredondo (2)
  • Getz (2)
  • Holdeman (1)
  • Laird (1)
  • Scales (2)
  • Thew (2)
  • Wood (2) 

YouthFest & Tempe Changemakers

The YouthFest Courage Awards and Changemakers is a community-wide annual event that recognizes the strengths of our youth at the community level, lets them know that their efforts are appreciated, and strengthens their sense of belonging in the community. The event is sponsored by the City of Tempe and the Tempe Diablos.

Youth Workforce

Connecting young adults to a variety of job opportunities and career resources within Tempe. Young adults, students, parents and employers can find information about educational opportunities for those out of school, launching a career and finding a job. Recognizing that working students need to balance academic and job responsibilities, the city worked develop guidelines for employers to support youth employee education and career achievement.