Tempe's Creative Corridor

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A Mile of Marketing, Web Design and Creative Technology

More than 20 public relations, marketing and advertising agencies have their offices within a mile of Mill Avenue, forging a creative corridor of businesses that thrive on the competition, the ability to exchange ideas, and the opportunity to work on projects together.

These companies include Sitewire Marketspace, Fetchback, Blufish Design, Parker Madison, LogoAll, Evolution Design, Synapse Studios, Xhibit, Microsoft, J Lauren PR and more.

Many of the businesses have specialties within the broad category of marketing. Because of these unique niches, companies can work collaboratively to serve their customers better. And they only have to walk down Mill Avenue to find the best business partner. The opportunity to work collaboratively can result in greater creativity, happy clients and business growth. 

Zion and Zion is a privately-owned public relations and marketing company that started out of Aric Zion's house. Rapid growth moved the fledgling company into the executive suites at Hayden Ferry Lakeside. In just a couple years, Zion and Zion had outgrown two more spaces and built its own downtown address. The company has more than 50 employees today.  

“We gave a lot of thought to our brand before deciding to stay in Tempe. The Tempe address marks us as an intelligent company, creative, and a little out of the box. The city address says a lot about who you are,” Zion said.

The Mill Avenue location is good for finding qualified employees. Not only is Tempe centrally located near freeways and on the light rail line, but a bevy of more than 60,000 students is right down the street at Arizona State University. 

Being in downtown Tempe, companies also have access to many clients, as Tempe has a substantial number of large and small businesses in the area. Tempe is one of only a few Southwestern cities that has more workers than residents in the city on an average business day.

The mix of creative teams, technology companies, architects and Fortune 500 businesses, along with the students from ASU and the more than 12 other Tempe colleges, generates an electricity that is palpable. The exchange of ideas, the innovation and diversity of those who are in Tempe make this community what it is. You know when you are in downtown Tempe. You can feel it.