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  • Library - Does the library offer notary services?

    Unfortunately the library is not able to provide notary services. In order to get a document notarized you must see a certified Notary Public.

    Most banks and credit unions will offer notary services free of charge, particularly if you are a member of the institution.

    Additionally, mail service stores such as UPS or FedEx often have free notary services.

    For a list of highly rated local notaries on Yelp, click here.

  • Library - Does the library offer exam proctoring services?

    Unfortunately the library does not have the ability to offer exam proctoring services. Generally proctors must be from an accredited university, college, or military base and accredited with the National College Testing Association.

    Nearby proctoring locations include:

    To find a full list of accredited proctoring locations please visit the National College Testing Association site.
  • Library - What happens if I lose or damage something I checked out?

    When an item has been lost or damaged beyond library use, the cardholder account will be charged the retail price of the item lost.

    Additionally, the cardholder assumes responsibility for inspecting and keeping library items free from bed bug infestations. For more information about how to protect yourself from infestations please visit the EPA bed bug identification page, the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Bed Bug Fact Sheet, or the National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bugs 101 video.

    Further information can be found within the Borrower Privileges Policy.

    Please contact the library online or at (480) 350-5521 if you have any further questions.

  • Library - How do I donate to the library?

    FTPL Drop Box

    How to Donate Items:

    Donated books and materials are given to the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization the "Friends of the Tempe Public Library" and sold through their bookstore. Funds acquired through book sales are dedicated to supporting Tempe Library programs and services.

    You may drop off materials at:

     A tax receipt may be picked up in the library to be filled out by the donor.

    Amazon Smile:

    The Friends are also participants in the Amazon Smile program.
    Shop on Amazon via https://smile.amazon.com/ and select "Friends of the Tempe Public Library Inc" as your chosen charity.

  • Library - How do I volunteer at the library?

    Teens interested in volunteering at the Teen Library should contact the Teen Services Librarian, Micah Corporaal, at

    To become a BookHype member ask to speak with your Teen Services Librarian or email him at micah_corporaal@tempe.gov.


    City of Tempe Volunteer Opportunities are managed by the Community Services Department Volunteer Coordinator, housed at the 2nd floor of the Tempe Public Library. Volunteers can register by calling (480) 350-5190.

  • Library - How do I reserve a meeting room for a group?

    Meeting Room
    Library Meeting Room A

    The Library has two meeting rooms available for public rental, for an hourly rate. Click here for basic information about both rooms, availability, rates, reservations, and what to expect on the day of your event.

  • Library - Can I print/photocopy/fax/scan at the Library?

    Yes! All equipment is self-serve, with basic assistance provided by staff.

    • Users can print from the library's public computer terminals. Wireless printing is not available.
    • Printing is $0.20/page (B&W) and $0.75/page (color).
    • Photocopying is $0.20/page (B&W) and $0.75/page (color).
    • Faxing is $0.25/page; personal email required for confirmation receipt. Outgoing transmissions only; local and toll-free numbers only.
    • Scanning to email or USB is free of charge.

    Unfortunately you cannot receive incoming faxes or fax to international numbers at the library. There are a number of nearby businesses that allow you to do both including FedEx, UPS, and OfficeMax.

  • Library - How do I request an InterLibrary Loan?

    Interlibrary Loan IconYou can request an item online here and library staff will determine if the item can be purchased or loaned from a InterLibrary Loan participating library. 

    Please note that we cannot order books less than six months old, DVDs, CDs, and textbooks through InterLibrary Loan. 

    When requesting an InterLibrary Loan you must agree to the following terms:

    • Tempe Public Library has no control over, and is not responsible for, the quality of photocopied materials received through interlibrary loan.
    • Failure to pick up requested materials within seven (7) days of notification or failure to pay lending fees assessed by the lending library will result in a $5.00 per item fee. ILL requests cannot be cancelled.
    • Interlibrary loan materials returned late will be assessed an overdue fee of 1.00 per day.
    • If an interlibrary loan item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be responsible for the lending library's replacement fee. Please note that replacement cost of library items may be as high several hundred dollars over the purchase price of the item.
    • Interlibrary loan items must be returned by hand to one of our library staff members. They must not be placed in the book return or book drop.

  • Library - How do I place items on hold?

    Place Request Button Screenshot
    If all the copies of the item you are looking to borrow are checked out you may place a "hold" on the item be set aside for you when it's returned to the library. Once the item is returned we will put it on our Hold Shelf (on the West wall near the library cashier) and label it with your name. You then have seven days to visit the library at your convenience to check it out.


    How to Place a Request:

    • Locate an item in our catalog and verify all copies are checked out.
    • Click on the "Place Request" button.
    • Enter your library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number).
    • Click "Submit Request".

    Please note: You cannot place holds on items that are checked in.
    You can however contact the library at (480) 350-5500 and request a "24 Hour Hold".

  • Library - How many items can I check out, and for how long?

     Item  Maximum items out  Lending Period
     Books  Up to 30  21 days (3 weeks)
     Audiobooks  Up to 30  21 days (3 weeks)
     Magazines  Up to 10  21 days (3 weeks)
     DVDs  Up to 10  7 days (1 week)
     Music CDs  Up to 10  7 days (1 week)
     Bestseller Express  Up to 2  7 days (1 week)
     Interlibrary Loan Materials  Varies  Varies
  • Library - How do I use a Library study room?

    Study Room 5
    Library Study Room 5

    Tempe Public Library offers eight study rooms for patron use, free of charge. Learn more...


    • Study rooms can be reserved online or at the library with a valid library card and PIN.
    • Users will be limited to one reservation per day with a maximum time limit of 2 hours.
    • A reservation can be made for either one hour or two hour increments.
    • A maximum of four reservations can be made per 14 day period.
    • If a user is 15 minutes late for their reserved time, the reservation will be forfeited.

    Reserve a room online

  • Library - How do I return Library books, CD's and DVD's?

    Drive-up Book Drop
    Drive-Up Book Drop - West side of library
    All materials (with the exception of interlibrary loans) may be returned at:
    • Book drop; inside the library - main floor. (During normal business hours)
    • Drive-up book drop; located on the West side of the building. (24-hours & Holidays)

    Items returned by midnight will be credited for return for that day.
    Interlibrary loan materials must be returned in person to a library staff member.

  • Library - How do I use a public computer at the Library?

    computer lab

    Tempe Public Library offers all visitors free access to public computers, including:

    • Public computers for use by adults (Main Floor)
    • Computers in the Teen Room (Lower Level)
    • Youth Computers in the Children's Area (Lower Level)
    • Family Computers (Lower Level)
    • Children's Computers (age-appropriate educational software and games)

    Public Computers provide Internet access and standard Microsoft Office functions. 

    Users can log-on to computers with a Tempe Public Library card.

  • Library - How do I get or replace a Library card?

    Library Card Example
    "Mill District" card by artist Colton Brock

    Tempe Public Library cards are available free of charge to residents of Tempe and all other parts of Maricopa County. Learn more about library card account details here.

  • Library - How do I renew Library books?

    Renew button screenshot

    Renew online:
    Log-in to your library account here, and renew items under "Items Out".
    Renew by phone:
    (480) 350-5656
    Renew in person:
    Renew your checked-out items at our self-checkout stations in the library.

    Most books, DVDs and CDs may be renewed three times, if they have not been reserved by another library user. Bestseller Express books may not be renewed. Renewals for books from other libraries, received through interlibrary loan, are rare, and are handled on a case-by-case basis. For more information, see our Borrower Privileges Policy.

  • Library - How do I reset my Library card PIN?

    Change Pin button Screenshot
    Log into your library account here, and select "My Record".

    If you know your current PIN:
    Log in > click on "Change PIN"

    If you do not know your current PIN:
    Generally your PIN is the last four digits of the phone number your registered your account with.
    If you changed your PIN, or you can't recall which phone number is attached to the account, click on "Forgot your PIN?" underneath the space for entering the PIN

    If you are still unable to log-in please ask library staff at the Library Cards window to help you, or call the Library at (480) 350-5500 for assistance.

  • Library - How do I suggest a Library purchase?

    You can make a suggestion in-person, or online.

    While Tempe Public Library cannot promise to purchase everything that is asked for, we will make every reasonable effort to honor your request.

  • Library - How do I check out eBooks and other digital materials??

    The Library offers eBooks, digital audiobooks for download or streaming, eMagazines, streaming video, and downloadable and streaming music. All of the information and instructions can be found on our Downloadables page.

  • Library - How do I use wireless Internet at the Library?

    The library offers free Wi-Fi. It's simple and free to connect. 

    1. Select the TEMPEPUBLIC wireless network on your device.
    2. A pop-up or notification will prompt you to log-in.
      (If the pop-up does not appear, try opening a new browser window to launch the log-in page.)
    3. Username: tempeguest
    4. The password is updated regularly, and is posted throughout the facility.
    5. Accept the "Terms of Service" and you can surf for free for two hours before needing to log in again.