Tempe Historic Property Register Nomination Forms

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The City of Tempe has joined other cities nationwide in recognizing the contribution of historic resources to the character and continuity of a community. The Historic Preservation Commission was created to advise the City Council in all matters pertaining to historic preservation, educate the community about the value of preservation and to identify, evaluate and protect the significant historic properties within the city. Listing on the Tempe Historic Property Register is one of the best available methods to effect the preservation of Tempe's historic properties.

What is the Tempe Historic Property Register?

The Register is a list of the most historically, culturally and visually significant properties in the city. Properties listed in the Register have undergone the process of designation defined in the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

What Types of Properties Can Be Included in the Register?

Buildings, structures, landmarks and districts (residential or commercial), as well as archaeological sites, may meet the criteria for nomination to the Register. Any such property that is significant historically, culturally or visually to the development of Tempe may be eligible. In addition, properties that meet the criteria for listing on the Arizona or National Registers of Historic Places are eligible for nomination to the Tempe Historic Property Register.

Why Nominate Properties for the Register?

In addition to civic pride, owners of properties listed (designated) on the Tempe Historic Property Register are afforded several potential benefits and incentives:

Certificate of Designation
Inclusion on mailing list of important historic preservation news and events.
Historic Preservation Commission support and assistance for State and Federal grant requests.
Guidance and information for the maintenance, preservation adaptive re-use or modification of designated properties.

Other forms of assistance may also be available, where feasible:
Locating potential sources of financial assistance.
Locating buyers and/or sellers.
Other incentives that may become available for city, state, federal or private sources, such as tax credits or reductions.




Letter of Explanation
Please describe how the building, structure, landmark, district or archaeological site meets the designation criteria. Properties that have significance in history, architecture, archaeology, engineering or culture may by eligible. The selection guidelines are summarized below:

Associated with significant events in history.
Associated with the lives of historically significant people.
Embodies distinctive characteristics of artistry, design or construction.
Archaeological significance.
Greater than fifty years in age (may be less in the case of a "landmark").
Reflective of the city's cultural, social, political or economic past.
Represents a prominent visual feature of the city.

Zoning Waiver
A new form, WAIVER OF RIGHTS AND REMEDIES UNDER A.R.S. §12-1134, is required for submittal with all historic property designation applications processed by the Tempe Historic Preservation Commission. This form is made available in response to voter adoption of Proposition 207, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act." Download form at http://www.tempe.gov/historicpres/docs/Prop207Waiver.pdf

Site Plan
Please include a plan clearly indicating the property lines and any structures in relation to each other and adjoining streets and other properties.

Vicinity Ownership Map
Please include a map which shows all properties located within a three hundred foot (300') radius from the boundaries of the nominated property or district. The Development Services Department can assist in obtaining any essential information.

Vicinity Ownership List / Mailing Labels
Please include a list and mailing labels containing names, addresses, and zip codes of the owners of all properties located within three hundred feet (300') of the nominated property or district. The Development Services Department can assist in compiling an appropriate list.

Property Photographs
Please include at least four photos that help convey the street view, sides and rear of the significant aspects of the property.

Submit nomination to:
City of Tempe
Historic Preservation Officer
Development Services Department
P.O. Box 5002
Tempe, Arizona 85280

Who Can Nominate Properties for the Register?

Nominations for historic designation can be made by the property owner, the Historic Preservation Commission, the City Council, or other City of Tempe commission or department head.

What Effect Does Designation Have on a Property?

When a nominated property receives historic designation and is listed in the Register, the City of Tempe will apply "historic" overlay zoning to the property. The terms and provisions of the Historic Preservation Ordinance will then be applicable to the designated property. This will not change the underlying zoning nor limit the applicable rights and uses of the property as described in the City of Tempe Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.

Filling out the Nomination Form

Fill out the appropriate questions on the enclosed nomination form and attach the additional items that requested on the checklist of additional information. The Tempe Historic Preservation Officer may be able to assist the applicant in completing some areas of the nomination form and checklist information. The Tempe Historical Museum has a variety of resources that may be helpful in determining the significance of a property.


City of Tempe
Historic Preservation Officer
Development Services Department
P.O. Box 5002
Tempe, Arizona 85280
(480) 350-8028