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Tempe Wavemakers

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From our very beginning, our community has found ways to accomplish the impossible. Nothing’s changed.

Charles Trumbull Hayden was among the first to defy convention in our community. He challenged naysayers by building a ferry service at a part of the Salt River people said was uncrossable. Thus was the beginning of our unstoppable ingenuity. 

We don’t do things the same way as everyone else. When people say we can't, we roll up our sleeves. When they say make a choice, we say we'll take everything, please. We are young and young at heart. We are active, imaginative and compassionate.

We are Tempe. We are making waves in the desert.

We are Wavemakers. 

Above photos courtesy of Instagrammys winners Sommer Decker, Adalia Kroblen and Wavemaker award winner Daniel King and City of Tempe staff.

Exceptional People

Tempe is Making Waves in the Desert: 

Authors Jason and Taylor Ake: "Protectors of the A"

Brian Rambo: Tempe American Ninja Warrior

Chef Jeff Kraus: From Crepe Bar to Chopped

https://youtu.be/oymwMDWi7_k  Sean King is Tempe's Book Bike Ambassador: 

Sam Stevenson: Transit Super Fan and Transportation Planner

Exceptional Programs

Our Stories by Susie Steckner shows the kinder side of Tempe residents and organizations. Visit the Our Stories page to read more about of these kinds of heartwarming programs and people. 

Together Tempe: Tempe Community Council 

Walking the Journey Together: Dementia Friendly Tempe

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