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Legislative Bill Tracking

Post Date:02/07/2017 4:35 PM

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Below is a list of bills and proposals that are being tracked and monitored for neighborhood and city impacts. More bills will be introduced and amended throughout the session. As these bills are scheduled for committees and floor votes, the Mayor will be sending alerts to notify you that the city of outreach opportunities. We frequently do not have much lead time when these bills are scheduled for a committee hearing or go to the floor, so these emails will have “ALERT” in the subject line so recipients will know that quick action is needed.  

Neighborhood Tracking List

FY 2018 Executive Budget Recommendation

Proposals of Note

The full text of the budget can be found at this link:  http://azgovernor.gov/budget

Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) Sweep

The FY 2018 Executive Budget recommendation continues a $96 million sweep from HURF that is diverted to fund operations for the Department of Public Safety. HURF monies are intended to support highway and road maintenance. The city supports reinstating the HURF amounts and eliminating the fund sweep. There have been positive conversations among legislators that HURF resources are a priority. HURF proposals may be introduced as bills or addressed in the budget bills. The latter will be introduced at the end of session (potentially April, May or June).

State Shared Revenue funding for Universities

The Executive Budget includes a proposal to divert tax revenues to universities. This includes revenues that would otherwise go to cities through the state shared revenue formula. Revenues are collected from cities by the state and then a specific formula is used to distribute some of the revenues back to the cities. This calculation is a long-standing, negotiated formula that is the basis for a substantial portion of city revenues. Any deviation from this formula creates a lack of stability that can challenge the basis for future policy decisions. The city opposes changes to the state shared revenue formula. Tempe strongly values the state universities and recognizes that strong partnerships are crucial for the economic success of our region and state. However, the city opposes changes to the state shared revenue formula and cannot support undermining the stable, long-standing shared revenue system which is a significant source of city funding for Tempe and the other cities and towns in the state.

Connecting with the Legislature

You can use this link to find your state legislators and their contact information: http://www.azleg.gov/findmylegislator/

If you would like to register with the AZ Legislature’s Request to Speak (RTS) system, you can create an account here:  https://apps.azleg.gov/ . This allows citizens and stakeholders to weigh in on proposals and gives the option to speak in committee. However, even if you create an account with the link above, you will need to enable your account before you are able to sign-up to speak or comment on any bills. To enable your Request To Speak account, you need to log in to the system from a Legislative kiosk computer located in the State Senate or House of Representatives at 1700 W. Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

For more information, contact Tempe’s Government Relations Officer, Marge Zylla, at 480-350-8922.

If you would like email updates on bills that the City of Tempe is following at the Legislature, sign up to receive them at www.tempe.gov/enews and select “Government Relations” under the News heading.

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