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*TPD Residential Burglary Prevention Tips*

Are you unintentionally inviting criminals to your open house?

Post Date:08/14/2014 11:47 AM

Crime Prevention Unit
Det. Dan Brown


In the past 12 months approximately 60 percent of residential burglaries in Tempe did not have any signs of forced entry. Let’s all work together to reduce “Crimes of Opportunity” in Tempe.  Burglars have confessed to us while being interview they specifically target open doors, windows, and doggy doors.

  • Please lock doors and windows even if gone for “only a minute”
  • Keep your garage door closed when not in use, this is a 20 foot wide free opening to thieves.  I cannot drive through a neighborhood without finding an open garage.
  • Lock the door from the garage to the house
  • Keep your gates locked, this will also help prevent your pool cleaner from being stolen. Burglars prefer not to climb fences. They like to be discreet.
  • Keep your block watch and  active, know your neighbors, have pot lucks,  know who is on vacation and watch their home
  • If you use a safe, make sure it is anchored to the floor
  • Do not leave your car in the driveway with the garage door opener in the car
  • Do not leave your car outside with any valuables in the car that can be seen, burglars window shop and will break in for any item visible
  • Consider a burglar alarm
  • Report all suspicious active to the police immediately by calling  480 350-8311. Program the number in your cell phone.
  • By working together we will reduce “Crimes of Opportunity”
  • Thank you Tempe residents for partnering with Tempe PD's Crime Prevention Unit to keep our community safe!
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