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Got solar? Learn about potential changes to solar metering

Tempe hosts Nov. 5 educational forum about net metering

Post Date:11/04/2013

The City of Tempe is hosting a forum to present information about proposed changes to solar energy metering Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 6 p.m. in the Tempe City Council Chambers, 31 E. Fifth St. The City of Tempe is hosting this educational forum to provide an opportunity for residents to learn about net metering. Tempe is not advocating a position about the proposed change.

The forum will be moderated by Vic Linoff, a Tempe business owner, advocate and volunteer since 1973. Forum speakers include Michael O’Boyle, with Arizona State University’s Energy Policy Innovation Council (EPIC), and Mark Holohan, Arizona Solar Industries Association President.

Net metering is a policy that determines how utilities compensate customers for the power their rooftop solar panels produce. The current net metering rules, approved in 2007, allow rooftop solar customers to subtract the power they produce from the power they consume and pay their electric bill based only on the difference.

APS recently asked the Arizona Corporation Commission for permission to change the company’s net-metering policy, and a hearing before the commission is expected in November. The utility’s proposal would affect only new APS customers. SRP customers would not be affected.

Michael O'Boyle is a third-year law student at Arizona State University, with an interest in international, environmental, and energy law. Michael became involved with ASU’s Energy Policy Innovation Council (EPIC) team after he worked with Prof. Kris Mayes in a Research Cluster on Sustainability at the Center for Law, Science and Technology. His interests intersect in the area of climate change because of the potential emission reductions that result from domestic and international renewable energy use. He hopes that he can help facilitate greater public awareness about renewable energy and current energy policies through his work at EPIC.

Mark Holohan serves as president of Arizona Solar Industries Association and is Solar Division Manager for Tempe-based Wilson Electric. Mark has 35 years of experience in the energy industry, including renewables, energy management and power production, with 12 years in the solar industry. Mr. Holohan’s solar experience includes well over 150 solar electric installations spanning nine states. He developed several notable commercial solar projects in the Arizona market, including the Phoenix Convention Center. Holohan holds an MBA from Arizona State University and an engineering degree from the University of Arizona.

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