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Tempe Police Seek Assistance to locate Sex Abuse Suspect

**Sex Assault Prevention Tips**

Post Date:09/23/2013 5:00 PM

Tempe PD
Media Relations Unit
Press Release

Since September 13, 2013 the Tempe Police Department has received two reports of sexual assaults and one report of sexual abuse that occurred in apartment complexes in the Loud Party Corridor. It appears that in all three incidents excessive consumption of alcohol was a factor.

The most recent occurred on Saturday September 21, 2013. At approximately 3:15AM a female victim was sleeping inside her apartment located at 977 E Apache Blvd, Tempe. The victim and another female were the only occupants of the apartment at the time when a male suspect entered the apartment through an unlocked front door. The female victim was awakened to a male suspect touching her left breast which was exposed. The male suspect described as a White or Light skinned Hispanic male 5’8”, approx. 180 pounds, wearing a blue short sleeved polo shirt and possibly grey shorts. The suspect fled the apartment prior to police arrival and has not yet been identified/located. The victim reported that the male may have been intoxicated at the time of the incident. We want to alert our community of this incident and are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying/locating the suspect.

In an unrelated incident, on the morning of 09-20-13 a female victim contacted Tempe Police to report a sexual assault while at 922 Place, located at 922 E Apache Blvd, Tempe. The victim indicated that she was at a party and had “a lot” to drink and lost memory at around 1:00 AM but did recall an unidentified male on top of her performing sexual intercourse while lying on a bed inside the apartment. The victim is under the legal drinking age. During the investigation, the victim declined to further the investigation or pursue charges.

Another sex crime involving alcohol occurred on the morning of 09-13-13. Mohammed Alshahrani (2/9/1990) committed Sexual Assault at The District at 977 E Apache Blvd, Tempe. Alshahrani and the victim had been involved in a relationship in the past. During the incident, the suspect held the victim down in her closet and covered her mouth while assaulting the victim. The victim was intoxicated during the incident and said that she feared for her life.

We will continue to reach out to both men and women – potential victims and victimizers of all genders – to do everything we can do keep people in our community safe.

According to the City of Tempe Loud Party and Neighborhood Disorder Report - As part of a larger assessment of sexual assaults, nearly one-third of all sexual assaults over the past three years occurred in the Loud Party Corridor (Rural Rd to Price Rd – Broadway Rd to University Dr). As a result of this high concentration, an in-depth review of the 24 sexual assaults that have occurred between January and May 2013 found that:

*25% of sexual assaults (6) were party-related incidents

*71% of sexual assaults (17) involved alcohol or drugs (voluntary or involuntary)

*50% of sexual assaults (12) occurred in the Loud Party Corridor

Recent Tempe Police Operations such as Phases I and II of Safe and Sober have been conducted with the goal of reducing excessive alcohol consumption, underage alcohol consumption and the serious and violent crimes associated with alcohol abuse. As previously stated, excessive alcohol consumption was a factor in the recent sex crimes detailed in this release.

According to Chief Tom Ryff, “These events underscore the importance of the Safe and Sober Operation. As Chief, I am remain steadfast in my pursuit to reduce alcohol related crimes and violence in our community.”

As noted in the story, these specific incidents remain under investigation. Make no mistake, as with prior arrests we have made known to the public, perpetrators of sexual assault will be pursued, located, arrested, charged, and in partnership with the County Attorney, faced with sentencing for their crimes.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips – Courtesy of Tempe Police Department
*Arm yourself with support – information, friends, and good sense commitments to stick together with each other before going out. Tips that can help you avoid becoming a victim:
*Stay alert to your environment – alcohol dulls your instincts.
*Acquaintance rapes account for a majority of rapes; alcohol is involved in a majority of cases.
*While the majority of victims are female, males are also the victims of sexual assault.
*Decision-making ability is impaired as soon as any alcohol hits the system
*Travel in groups - avoid isolated areas or going with someone you do not know
*Let friends know where you are going and when you expect to return
*Have a buddy system before you go out – and stick together with your buddy
*Don’t ever remain in a “negative” situation.
*Be aware of the space and people around you
*It’s up to you – before you go out – to make the determination not to let substances or peer pressure influence safe decision making
*‘DATE’ RAPE IS A SEXUAL ASSAULT. Don’t be ashamed to report. Don’t delay in reporting. Tempe Police are here to help.

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