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Tempe entertainment and recreation venues can re-open

Mayor rescinds two prior proclamations in order to align with Governor’s orders

Post Date:05/15/2020 5:01 PM

Tempe, AZ – Tempe recreation and entertainment venues can re-open, according to an emergency proclamation issued today by Mayor Mark Mitchell to clarify prior actions and create alignment with Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Orders.

On March 19, Mitchell ordered the closure of in-restaurant dining, as well as nightclubs, bars, comedy clubs, movie theatres, arcades, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, fitness centers and workout studios.

Later that day, Ducey issued an Executive Order closing in-restaurant dining, bars, gyms and movie theatres statewide. His order did not include recreation and entertainment venues. While the Executive Order took precedence in Tempe after it was issued, Tempe’s proclamation remained in effect for recreation and entertainment venues.

Then, on May 4, Ducey issued an Executive Order allowing salons and barber shops to re-open effective May 8, and in-restaurant dining to resume May 11 – both under certain parameters. Bars not serving food to customers who dine in are to remain closed. Ducey has also ordered that gyms, fitness studios and movie theatres can re-open.

On May 8, Mitchell issued a proclamation to align with Ducey’s May 4 order. Mitchell directed that in-restaurant dining could resume but that he was still enforcing the portion of his March 19 proclamation that closed recreation and entertainment venues.

Today’s proclamation rescinds both the Mayor’s March 19 and May 8 proclamations, clearing the way for Tempe recreation and entertainment venues – such as bowling alleys and comedy clubs – to re-open.

It should be noted that recreation and entertainment venues do need to comply with a proclamation issued by Mitchell on May 12 that requires certain establishments to document their plans for meeting Ducey’s guidance on distancing and other health standards. Mitchell’s proclamation requires businesses with security plans on file with the city to document how they are adhering to the guidance. Each business must produce a copy of this information if contacted by Tempe Police related to concerns about their operations at this time.

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