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Tempe’s Complete Count Committee appointed for 2020 U.S. Census

Post Date:11/19/2018 12:25 PM

 Tempe, AZ – The City of Tempe is gearing up to count all residents in the 2020 U.S. Census and now has selected the team of community members who will help guide the effort.  

The City Council has approved 32 appointments for volunteer positions on the city’s 2020 U.S. Census Complete Count Committee. Many people who live and work in Tempe applied and 32 were selected for their perspectives and expertise in reaching various audiences.  

Mayor Mark Mitchell expressed gratitude for all the applicants and for the upcoming services of the Tempe Complete Count Committee.  

“There is so much riding on getting an accurate count of Tempe residents,” he said. “Our numbers will directly impact the amount of federal funds we can receive for the needs of our community. Funding for housing assistance, transportation projects and so much more depends on Census results.”  

Tempe joins other cities and towns in Arizona and around the country that have formed Complete Count Committees to help get the most accurate counts of their residents. Each group contains a wide spectrum of people who will work until approximately mid-2020 to create public awareness of the Census and encourage response to it. Census Day is April 1, 2020.  

The Census Bureau recommends that cities form Complete Count Committees to organize both the strategy and execution of their outreach and promotional efforts. Among other activities, committees should examine their 2010 Census data to strategize about outreach in geographic areas of low response as well as among populations with lower response rates.  

Tempe’s Complete Count Committee will operate under the direction of volunteer co-chairs Elizabeth Cling and Joaquin Rios. The group will meet at regular intervals starting later this year. The appointments expire on Dec. 31, 2020. Tempe’s committee members are:  

Judy Aldrich 

Nancy Baker 

Gary J. Brennan 

Elizabeth Cling, co-chair

Casey Clowes 

Anthony W. Contente-Cuomo 

Myrale JoAn Cooks 

Megan E. Costa, Ph.D. 

Robert Cox 

Glenn Davis 

Cindy Denton 

Amanda Lee Faustini 

Jana Lynn Granillo 

Kate Hanley 

Maureen Harrison 

Ron M. Jackson 

Linda J. Knutson, M.Ed. 

Shereen Lerner, Ph.D. 

Jennifer Liewer 

John Michael Linda 

Candyce C. Lindsay 

Gerardo Lopez 

Robert J. Miller, Ph.D. 

Paul Mittman 

Joaquin Rios, co-chair 

Selianna R. Robles 

Matthew Schmitt 

Nancy Siefer 

Mary Beth Spielberg 

Roy M. Tatem, Jr. 

Jan Vesely 

Rosemary Walsh 

More information about Tempe’s participation in the census is at www.tempe.gov/census.   


Media contacts: 

Nikki Ripley, Communication and Media Relations Manager, 480-350-8846 

Marie Chapple Camacho, Public Information Officer, 480-848-6899 

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