Evelyn 2 

Canal Park was developed in 1973 in the North Tempe neighborhood. In 2006, the park was renamed for Evelyn Hallman; wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Joined by members of her neighborhood association, she worked tirelessly to renovate and enhance the park and the lagoon. She was involved in multiple causes and dedicated her life to bringing her community together. 

During the renovation, the lake was drained and the shoreline was reinforced. In addition, fish habitats were installed and as a result, the park is home to one of the best urban fishing locations in the valley. The trail that surrounds the lake can be shared by walkers and runners and part of the trail, which is accessible, leads to an accessible fishing area. 

Visitors to this scenic desert oasis might get a glimpse of the Big Horn Sheep that roam the butte or the Herons and King Fisher birds that visit the lake. Walkers and runners can also access the Papago Cross-Cut Canal on the west side of the park, and head north towards Scottsdale or south through Papago Park.

Park size is 40 acres.
Trail *Multi-Use Path
Urban Fishing *Accessible


Public Art at Evelyn Hallman Park includes:

Extraordinarily Common by coLAB Studios


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