Estrada Park in south Tempe is named after one of Tempe’s true pioneers, Pete Estrada. The son of Raphael and Raphaela Estrada was born May 13, 1891 in Tempe in the area of what now is Sun Devil Stadium. Pete, his parents and the Estrada children operated a grocery store, barbershop, restaurant and pool hall in downtown Tempe at 4th and Mill and also operated a 40-acre farm in what is now south Tempe. 

Pete gradually shifted his attention from the family’s various businesses to politics in 1923 at the age of 32. On January 1, 1923 Pete was hired as a court interpreter for the Maricopa County Superior Court where he remained for 30 years. In 1953, Pete was promoted to county law librarian where he served for 15 years before retiring at the young age of 77. 

While he dedicated himself to service, Pete and his family never drifted from Tempe. An active member of the community, Pete was a remarkable man whose name and legacy has been forever immortalized in the naming of Estrada Park. 

Park size is 8 acres.
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