• Ebony House Inc

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    1. Address:6222 S 13th Street
      Phoenix, AZ 85042
    2. Phone:(602) 276-4288
    1. Accepts AHCCCS
    2. Accepts uninsured
    3. Adults
    4. Assessment and Screening
    5. Cash pay
    6. Counseling
    7. Family Support
    8. Inpatient
    9. Outpatient
    10. Parents
    11. Private Insurance
    12. Recovery aftercare
    13. Recovery Facility
    14. Women Specific Programming
    15. Youth
    1. Addiction Resources

Ebony House, Inc. is an Arizona based non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that for the last 40 years has dedicated to helping restore adults, children and families from all race and ethnic backgrounds triumph over substance abuse, behavioral challenges, HIV/AIDS, child abuse and preservation of the family. Through innovative programs and comprehensive services, it is our mission to provide an individualized service to each of our consumers and assist them with gaining a sense of dignity and self-respect; with positive goals in place to improve our community.

Ebony House, Inc. is a non-profit agency that provides;

Mission Statement: In a spirit of gratitude and service, the Ebony House, Inc. model is dedicated to increasing awareness of the worth, dignity, individuality and divine nature of each consumer that comes thought our doors; with the mission of providing an environment appropriate for change through instruction, unconditional love, honor and community.


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