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Many of the properties on the Tempe Historic Register, the National Register of Historic Places or the list of historic eligible properties are privately owned and not open to the public. Please respect the privacy of those who may be living in these houses. 

Historic Eligible is a formal classification of parcels which contain buildings, structures, or sites which meet the criteria for designation as a Tempe Historic Property, but which have not been formally designated as "Historic." 

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Survey Number: HPS-131
Year Built: 1914
Architectural Style: Bungalow

This building is associated with the context of Community Planning and Development. It falls under the theme of housing - custom houses in subdivision.

This house is one of few two-story homes in this area of Downtown Tempe. Two-story Bungalows are very rare.

Built by D. A. Carns in late 1914, the house is best known as the D. G. Buck House, and was one of the first homes built in the Goodwin Homes Addition which opened in May of 1914. Carns farmed near Scottsdale and was Tempe's road overseer during the 1920s. Buck emigrated to Arizona from Kansas in 1891. His major business was hauling rock and gravel, although he also owned a livery and feed stable first at 4th Street and Maple Avenue, and later at the Farmer Avenue location. Buck was a member of the City Council during the teens.

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