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The Awakening Recovery Center offers free evaluations for addiction and alcoholism, as well as referrals to inpatient and residential treatment centers, in necessary cases. Understanding addiction and what will help an individual or a loved one suffering from addiction can be very overwhelming and costly. There are many types of drug addiction treatment and drug rehab facilities. Finding the right one is very important to long-term recovery and success. The ARC staff of addiction counselors and professionals work with many families and individuals at no cost to find the drug and alcohol treatment or outpatient addiction counseling services that meet the needs of the individual or loved one. Sometimes denial of an addiction or alcohol problem is strong, and even though there have been many attempts by family or loved ones to encourage help, it falls on deaf ears by the one abusing drugs and alcohol. Awakening Recovery Center offers these services not only to educate individuals and families, but also to create a bridge to overcome denial and give individuals the push they need to accept addiction help.

Family Program

Awakening offers weekly group and individual family appointments. While clients are attending the IOP (Intensive Out-Patient) program, families will have access to individual and group sessions. Addiction affects the whole family. Having a safe place to get education and addiction counseling is high on our list of addiction treatment needs! It helps to process the emotional issues that an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs has created in the lives outside of the afflicted individual.

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