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  • Aurora

    1. Address:6350 S. Maple
      Tempe, AZ 85283
    2. Phone:(877) 870-7012
    1. Accepts AHCCCS
    2. Adults
    3. Assessment and Screening
    4. Detox Help
    5. Family Support
    6. Inpatient
    7. Outpatient
    8. Private Insurance
    9. Recovery Facility
    10. Tempe Coalition Member
    11. Treatment Center
    12. Veterans
    13. Youth
    1. Addiction Resources

Aurora Behavioral Healthcare was developed in September of 2000. The company was originally made up of acute psychiatric hospitals based in California. Those facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and are Medicare-certified. Today, Aurora Behavioral Healthcare has expanded its network of locations in California (such as our Vista del Mar location) and has entered Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Each hospital has a comprehensive treatment team that provides quality patient care through prevention, intervention, and treatment services. Warm and caring staff members offer a variety of inpatient and outpatient programs, along with aftercare and 12 Step programs, at each location. Each hospital contracts with most managed care companies and accepts patients on a voluntary basis. Patients engage in their own healing through programs such as:

  • Military Support: Relieves PTSD, substance abuse, and other challenges faced by military members and veterans. Uses several specialists and types of services.
  • Adolescent and Adult Inpatient Care: A specialized team diagnoses and stabilizes patients with severe symptoms and provides information and strategies.
  • Adolescent and Adult Inpatient Detox: Gives a comfortable and confidential setting to take the first step to recovery from chemical dependency.
  • Adult Outpatient Rehabilitation: Provides a short-term program of recovery with a flexible schedule, allowing patients to continue their other life responsibilities.
  • Adolescent Intensive Outpatient: Gives teens after school meetings that teach tools to cope with their struggles.
  • Adult Partial Hospitalization: Helps acutely ill or addicted patients through treatment services lasting several weeks, which patients participate in every weekday.

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