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Moeur is a little known gem that is actually separated by a major arterial roadway. Located at the intersection of Mill Avenue and Curry Road, Moeur Park has an interesting and long history in the City of Tempe. The park was originally a road-side rest area for travelers on US 60/89 through Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and beyond. 

It has some of the most beautiful historic structures that were built by the WPA in 1936 and still stand today along with other notable landmarks like the Tempe Beach Park cobble ballfield bleachers and fence, Maple/Ash neighborhood sidewalks and other features throughout Tempe. 

It was not until 1973 that Tempe took both ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the park. While most people assume the park was named in honor of former Governor and Tempe resident B.B. Mouer, the park is actually named in honor and memory of his wife, Honor Anderson Moeur. 

BB had completed his medical studies at the University of Arkansas and soon left to begin practice in Texas. While there, he met and married Honor Anderson and soon they moved to Arizona to be closer to BB’s brother. They first set up residence in southern Arizona in both Bisbee and Tombstone. However, Honor’s asthma could not tolerate the mine smelters pollution so they soon migrated to Tempe. 

While in Tempe, she and BB were active in many civic causes and organizations. Honor was particularly active with the Tempe Garden Club and was instrumental with her husband in both creating the roadside rest area that still bears her name today and in establishing the WPA ramadas within the park. The Moeurs are truly Tempe pioneers who have left a legacy for both the city and state for generations to come.

Park size is 10 acres.

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