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Performances at the Museum - Suicide Kings and Grave Danger

 Suicide Kings THM 2019

Suicide Kings and Grave Danger

The Suicide Kings feature an assortment of Arizona music Icons:
Bruce Connole (The Jetzons and Billy Clone and the Same)
Vince Ramirez (Flathead)
Jon Rauhouse (Neko Case)
Mike Wolfe (Chicken and Waffles)
Paul Schneider (Chicken and Waffles)
When Bruce Connole writes lines like "Sold my soul for pennies, I was king for a day," he's not just mixing metaphors with clichés. He's doing country music. He's joining countless C&W artists who've borrowed platitudes and familiar imagery to fuel their lonesome songs. Connole takes the common howl of country music's losers and hard-livers and refines it into a fresh take on the same old thing. 

Despite their name, Grave Danger’s sound isn't really satanic rock, but actually a kind of surf-tinged rockabilly. Their songs are usually sprite instrumentals or cartoonish tales. Whenever this trio hits the stage, the audience -- composed of normally upstanding citizens and community members -- follows the band down a road of excess and good old-fashioned fun. As always, meet the band in a QnA session after the show. Free and informal!

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