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Stray Cat Theatre: “Pluto"

By Steve Yockey; Directed by Ron May

Stray Cat Theatre

This is the new play from the writer of Wolves and Octopus. In the wake of a violent tragedy at a local community college, a single mother struggles to reconnect with her withdrawn son across the breakfast table as mysterious forces threaten to invade the kitchen. Continually interrupted by a talkative three-headed dog, a radio gone haywire and an animated refrigerator, time is running short for mother and son to deal with the morning’s events. “And so I leave you with a warning: This is not Yockey writing in the sexually sinister, frequently delicious style of Wolves and Octopus. It is a much more potent cup o’ joe. Not everyone will want to see this play. Those who do may never be the same again.” – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Recommended for Adult audiences. Information

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