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Survey/Form Review
Aircraft Noise Survey
The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information on how noise affects your everyday life as a citizen of Tempe.
1. How often are you disturbed by noise?
2. What source of noise bothers you the most?
3. Where are you experiencing aircraft noise to be most annoying?

4. ZIP Code of selection in question #3.
5. Rank which aircraft operations bothers you on a scale where 1 = very little and 5 = a lot.
Noise, vibrations
Flight pattern violations
Aircraft flying too low
Pollution, fumes
Safety, afraid of crash
6. Rank which type of aircraft bother you on a scale where 1 = very little and 5 = a lot.
Large airlines
Small jets
Propeller aircraft
Military jets
7. When you are bothered by aircraft over your home, what time of day does it usually happen? Select all that apply.
8. Does the noise from airplanes bother you more when planes are outbound on departure from Sky Harbor, or when the planes are inbound on approach to Sky Harbor?
9. If you are bothered by helicopters, which operations are annoying?
10. Does it seem that noise from aircraft over Tempe has been:
11. Is there anything else about aircraft operations over Tempe that bothers you?

12. Approximately how many years have you lived in Tempe?
13. What is your age?
The Tempe Aviation Commission will use the survey information to stay informed about how Tempe citizens' opinions about the aircraft noise situation in Tempe. The Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are posted on-line at Find out more about the Aviation Commission under "City Hall," "City Boards and Commissions" or at To complain about aircraft noise to the City of Tempe, use
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