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Residential Database Search Help


Searches are conducted on the beginning of a field only. If your search criteria appears in the latter part of a field, you will receive the message "Search Criteria Not Found". The search is not set up to recognize "wild card" characters.

By Licensee Name
Enter Landlord's First Name, or the beginning letters of a company name. A Landlord's license may be entered in our records with his/her Last Name first.

Example: Either "Mark" or "Ma" will return a Search Result.

By Rental Property Address
Enter either Street Number, Street Name or both. For searches by Street Name, partial information will yield results. For searches by Street Number or by both Street Number and Street Name, you must enter it exactly to return a result.

Example - Street Number: "6" will return Search Results for any rental street number that is "6". For a street number that is "660", you must enter "660".
Example - Street Name: "Mi" will return Search Results for any Rental Street Name beginning with Mi.
Example - Street Number and Street Name " 3 5" will not return a Search Result.
" 31 5th" will return a Search Result.

By Parcel Number:
Enter either the beginning of a parcel number or a complete parcel number (without dashes.)
Example: "1" or "13227030A" will return a Search Result.

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Last updated: 9/27/2013 8:11:34 PM